Rehabilitation & Skilled Clinical Care Services

Turning a Short Stay Into a Speedier Recovery

After hospitalization, your physician may recommend a short-term stay at a skilled nursing facility — we invite you to consider the many advantages St. André Health Care has to offer for your recovery!

Our interdisciplinary team will work together with you and your physician on a personalized plan of care designed to restore you to full health, so you can get back to your life as quickly as possible. As a guest in our facility you will be cared for around the clock by our skilled staff, with access to our rehabilitation specialists. With this kind of intensive, immediate care, you can count on getting back on your feet and back up to speed in no time.

Hope And Healing

Achieving Optimum Levels of Independence and Functionality Through Skilled Rehabilitation

Working from a plan of care established by your physician, our multidisciplinary team of nurses, certified aides, and therapists deliver the kind of expert, personalized care that can help speed your recovery from surgery or illness.