Video: Memory Garden Offers Safe Space for Residents with Alzheimer's | St. André Health Care

Video: Memory Garden Offers Safe Space for Residents with Alzheimer’s

WGME-TV in Portland, Maine, attended the dedication recently for the memory garden at St. André Health Care Center in Biddeford. The new area will provide  a safe space for residents with memory loss. Paths to the garden are wide enough for patients in wheel chairs. In addition, there is a gazebo and raised garden beds.

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Garden Ceremony video

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January 7 -  All employees and residents were tested for COVID-19 this week.  All employee results were negative.  Resident results were returned with 2 positives from our lab.  You would have already received a call from our team if your loved one was affected.  We have moved them onto our COVID unit with their own dedicated staff so that the virus can be contained.  We will be testing all residents and staff again within the next 5 days.

last updated: 1/07/2021  10:30am