Ways to Give

COVID-19 Response Fund

Ways to Help

Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for those who live and work here is our greatest priority. Our team is working around the clock, extending unwavering care and compassion to our residents to help reduce the anxiety, frustration and loneliness caused by the virus. We are grateful for the sacred gift every member of our team shares each day with our residents.

We are also grateful to those who have expressed a desire to assist our residents and caregivers during this crisis. Perhaps now more than ever, Helen Keller’s words ring especially true:

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

If you wish to make a difference in the face of this adversity, we have never needed your help more.  There are two ways you can help.

COVID-19 Response Fund

Gifts to this fund will be used to address immediate and yet-unknown needs associated with our response to this pandemic, such as:

  • helping residents minimize feelings of loneliness and isolation by providing iPads to allow them to connect to family and friends through video chat
  • purchasing Blu-ray devices, streaming services, audiobook subscriptions and related technology to help provide residents with alternatives to group activities
  • securing our ability to add staff to care for our residents and facility
  • assisting employees who may need a helping hand with basic needs to enable them to continue to care for our residents
  • purchasing critical supplies and safety materials

Donate Now

PPE Donations

Donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) will help ensure we have enough inventory for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak. Learn More>

Contact Susan Oldrid, Executive Director of Philanthropy at susan_oldrid@covenanthealth.net if you wish to donate PPE.

Reasons to Choose St. André Health Care

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St. Andre Health Care is temporarily suspending all visitors at the facility effective immediately for the safety of your loved one.
Ill visitors and healthcare personnel are the most likely sources of introduction of COVID-19 into a facility. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends aggressive visitor restrictions even before COVID-19 is identified in a community or facility.
Given the congregate nature and residents served (e.g., older adults often with underlying chronic medical conditions), nursing home populations are at the highest risk of being affected by COVID-19. These actions being taken are preventive measures at this time.
In addition, all of our employees are being screened daily for any exposure and symptoms.
Please note that there are other ways to communicate with your loved one during this period:  telephone calls, Skype, Facetime, etc.  If you would like assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff and we will assist in the connection.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any other member of management at 207-282-5171

The only exception will be in compassionate cases where a resident in in his/her last stages of life on Palliative or Hospice Care and will be limited to the resident’s room only.

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last updated: March 14, 2020